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If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us

PictoFlash is an app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a smart digital photo frame.


There are so many reasons:

  • You certainly have plenty of great photos hidden somewhere on you PC or  in the labyrinth of the social networks. And you know that just by watching these photos, you have great feelings. PictoFlash is the solution that will allow you to enjoy  more easily your pictures.
  • You also certainly have great photos or albums to share with your family and friends. With PictoFlash, you can easily share your feelings.

Yes. PictoFlash is a complete and versatile solution, but we have paid extra attention to make it as simple as possible.


PictoFlash is much more than a frame, it is an innovative solution! it is a smartframe that is connected to the world. You don’t have to pay for an extra screen or an extra tablet, you just take your own tablet, or an old one. The resolution (number of pixels) of these tablets is larger than most proprietary frame devices, and therefore the image quality. If you decide to purchase a new tablet or smartphone, you just have to install PictoFlash on this new device, and start the app. That’s it. You will directly enjoy your best app.


PictoFlash works on phones and tablets which support IOS 11 and Android 5, and higher. With PictoFlash, you can use your account on different devices. You will get access to the same data. You can also send photos or album to your friends, whatever device they use.


No, of course not! PictoFlash is designed to use standard smartphones or tablets, like Samsung, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, …


No, you don’t have to. PictoFlash will work as soon as you have an internet connection. And even if you don’t, you still can view your own photos.


Yes, you can run most of the functionalities. You can view your photos, and albums. You are also able to create new albums, prepare digital postcards for friends, … and when your device will be connected again, prepared postcards will automatically be sent.


Yes, you can run PictoFlash on different devices. You just have to log in and you will have access to your photos.


All your friends can send you photos. Of course, you can decide if you display the photos you receive.


Yes, of course! We will be hapy to listen to your ideas and dreams. PictoFlash is inspired by your wishes and needs !


App available For All Devices

You can access your community network on your phone (Android & Apple) or on your PC (web browser).

Always stay connected with your community !


First and most importantly, you are our privileged source of inspiration. We really appreciate your feedback. To fulfill your needs and ideas is our main driver.


Then, we do our home work, with pleasure and empathy. We try to focus on simplicity and elegance.


Finally, we present a new version.

Can’t find what you need? Our award-winning customer care team is here.